My publications are available in my ResearchGate and Google Scholar profiles. They are also available in my Curriculum Lattes (in Portuguese). My research interests are listed below within a brief explanation and current research projects. I'm a participant of Evidence-Based Software Engineering Research Group at CEFET/RJ.

Students are welcome to join our research projects, as well as to propose new ones within the scope of my research interests.

If you want to join me for research, send me an email at diogo.mendonca [at] cefet-rj [dot] br.

Research Interests (2021-1):

Patterns in Source Code

  • Authoring tool for building / displaying SCPL rules: Source Code Pattern Language (VSCode Plugin).

  • Recognition of source code patterns in an automated way using Machine Learning or Data Mining.

  • Static analysis in Javasript or Python.

Teaching in Software Engineering

  • Design Patterns: Automated design pattern correction

  • Interdisciplinary: Qualitative Assessment of Integrated Work

Software Quality, Verification and Validation

  • Verification of the appropriate use of defect test case techniques in an automated test suite.

  • Resilience and fault tolerance in IoT systems.

  • Quality of Machine Learning Models from the business perspective (Resilience, Risk Analysis, Explanability).

Blockchain Descentralized Applications

  • Software Product Quality